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Cleaining the Streets
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Billing Questions

Practicing what we preach - In an effort to help save our planet Duncan Disposal has incorporated a paperless billing and payment feature for our customers. Find out more by clicking below.

Trash Collection Questions

We have our masters degree in Sanitation Engineering from LSU (Landfill State University). We even did an internship under Oscar the Grouch! So we have all the answers to your trash collection questions. Click below to see what we know.

Recycling Questions

Find out all the information you need to become a true defender of this planet's future! All you need now is a cape and you are ready to start saving the Earth one bottle at a time! Click below to train yourself to be the best recycler you can be!

Yard Waste Questions

Not everyone enjoys yard work, NO ONE, however enjoys messing with those pesky compost bags. Click below to find out how Duncan can help make your weekend work days a little easier!

Still can't find your answer? Please give us a call at 734-48-TRASH or fill out the form below.

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