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Just some basics

  • Duncan Disposal can only collect material that is curbside we can't go into houses or garages

  • Invoices unpaid after 60 days will incur a $5 late charge

  • Please make sure that any items you do not want thrown away is not set out on the curb during trash day

  • Duncan Disposal does give refunds sometimes they can take up to 60 days to process

  • Duncan Disposal is not responsible for damage done to low hanging wires or branches or damage to roadways that occur during the normal course of business

  • Duncan Disposal is renting the cart and/or bin to you - it will be picked up when service is terminated. If the cart/bin is not recovered a charge of $100 per cart and $20 per bin will be applied.

  • If service is canceled after less than 2 years of being subscribed with Duncan Disposal except in cases of documented moves there will be a $75 container removal fee

  • Duncan Disposal can not accept hazardous waste 

  • Duncan Disposal has the option to delay services if conditions are deemed unsafe such as natural disasters, icy conditions, etc

Terms of Service: Terms of Use
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