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Trash Collection FAQs: Image

When should I set out my trash?

We ask you to have your trash and recycling set out the night before  or by 6:00 am on your scheduled pick up day. While we always run our routes in the same sequence every week your pickup times could vary due to good things like new customers being added to the routes or annoying things like mechanical break downs, traffic jams, etc.  You can find out your pick up day by clicking here. We also have a handy email service that reminds you to set the trash out the night before, lets you know when the driver is close and confirms the collection has been made - all for no additional charge. Contact us today to enroll!

How can I get rid of a large item?

Some items are just too big to fit in the cart. Duncan is happy to dispose of these bulk items for you but often times the store who delivers a new appliance will take away your old one, donation centers will accept it, or scrappers will collect it. If you have bulk items to set out, just go ahead and set it out and you will be charged on your next bill. If you want to give us a heads up or check out pricing click here.

What holidays are observed and how do they impact pick ups?

When your collection day falls on or after one of the following holidays during the week your collection will be delayed 24 hour. Example: Fri will be collected on Sat.

New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Example: Thanksgiving Week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday no delay. Thursday picked up on Friday.

Friday picked up on Saturday.

What items are not accepted in the trash?

Not acceptable items include but are not limited to; hazardous waste, Freon, tires, wet paint, hot tubs, flammables, concrete, large amounts of dirt, unused fireworks, live ammunition items longer than 6 feet or over 80 pounds. Grass clippings and leaves can only be collected as Yard Waste.

Should I set my cart out a certain way?

We will dump your carts any which way they are facing! But it would help if you set your trash and recycling containers next to each other with in 6 feet of the curb with the handles facing the street. After we service your containers we will return the container with the handles facing the house.

Can I add a second trash cart?

With a big family like ours we can understand the need for a second trash cart! You can add a second trash cart for an additional $8 per month, just click here.

Trash Collection FAQs: List
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