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Garbage Recycling


Recycling FAQs: Image

What items can I recycle?

We offer the widest range of acceptable recycling materials in the market! Click here to view an acceptable material list.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

What can I do to recycle better?

The best thing anyone can do for the planet is to first focus on reducing and reusing even before you start to recycle! Once you start recycling it is important to only recycle products that are accepted. One of the biggest challenges and expense in the recycling model is trash being mixed in the recycling containers. Do your part by knowing what  is accepted at the recycling center. Click here for more info.

Does my recycling actually get recycled?

After seeing how some other companies handle recycling we can understand the question! Rest assured though with Duncan Disposal your recycling is being collected in a separate packer than the trash and is being delivered to the Recommunity Recycling Center in Southfield. We all put a lot of effort in to recycling and we would never allow it to go to waste!

How do I add/upgrade my recycling services?

You can add or upgrade your recycling services at any time. We make it affordable and convenient! Click here to add recycling services or to upgrade.

Props to you for doing your part in saving the planet!

When should I set out my recycling?

We ask you to have your trash and recycling set out the night before  or by 6:00 am on your scheduled pick up day. While we always run our routes in the same sequence every week your pickup times could vary due to good things like new customers being added to the routes or annoying things like mechanical break downs, traffic jams, etc.  You can find out your pick up day by clicking here.

Recycling FAQs: List
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