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8 Reasons to Plant a Tree

We see you filling up the recycling cart every week! Your efforts in Brighton, Green Oak, Hamburg, Lyon and Whitmore Lake are helping save the planet one bottle at a time!

But you may be thinking what else can I do to make a difference…

One easy way to make a huge positive impact on the environment is by planting a tree.

Here are 8 reasons to plant a tree:

Trees help save the planet

Want to do more than recycling and reducing your carbon footprint to combat climate change? Trees have your back. Through photosynthesis, trees absorb harmful carbon dioxide, removing and storing the carbon and releasing oxygen back into the air.

Trees help you breath

Trees don’t just absorb CO2. They also absorb odors and pollutants like nitrogen oxides, ammonia and sulfur dioxide. On average one tree can absorb 10 pounds of polluted air every year and release over 250 pounds of oxygen.

Trees prevent soil erosion and flooding

During heavy rains, water runoff finds its way to streams, lakes and drains, creating the potential for flooding. The runoff carries pollutants along the way. Trees help manage this by holding the soil in place with their root systems and by creating canopies with their leaves.

Planting trees is a snap

Gardening can be intimidating for newbies because there are so many variables. Which plants and flowers should you put next to each other and which should you separate? Which bloom in the summer and which bloom in the fall? When you’re dealing with trees, there’s none of that. Just choose a spot in your yard and you’re good to go.

Trees save you money

Depending on what size and type of tree you plant it could cost between $150 - $300. However, trees conserve energy in summer and winter, providing shade from the hot summer sun and insulation from cold winter winds. With trees standing between you and the elements, you’ll spend less on your energy bill to heat and cool your home.

Studies of comparable homes with and without trees show that, if you have trees in your yard, your home’s value increases by up to 15 percent. It’s all about curb appeal, and trees make your home and yard more beautiful.

You’ll attract wildlife

Trees provide nesting sites, food and shelter for your bird friends. Hang a feeder in one of the branches and enjoy the birds all year long. Squirrels love to make their homes in trees, too, and watching their antics is better than any YouTube video.

Trees are good for your mental health

A view of trees has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and even the crime rate. Tree-filled gardens on hospital grounds speed healing in hospital patients.

You’ll be giving future generations a gift

Trees can live hundreds of years, so when you plant one, you’re giving a gift to your children and grandchildren and even your grandchildren’s children.

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