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4 Recycling Tips for the Holiday Season

When the thought of the Holiday season comes to mind it is usually filled with family, friends, giving, and joy.

However, for a garbage man the thought of the Holiday season is filled with tons of wrapping paper, cardboard and discarded décor.

We hope you enjoy our 4 helpful tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle this holiday season.

1. Skip the glittery and metallic wrapping paper

Wrapping paper that is not metallic or glittery is accepted for the recycling.

Do not put metallic or glittery wrapping paper in your recycling.

Wrap presents with reused paper such as newspaper, brown paper bags or my favorite aluminum foil!

2. Flatten those boxes

With all the extra waste and recycling generated around the Holiday season space in your carts are at a premium. Flattening your boxes conserves space and helps the sorting process at the recycling center once it arrives.

As tempting as it may seem do not load the cardboard boxes (or bags) up with recycling as it makes it difficult to sort at the recycling center.

3. Save the bows and ribbons

Bows and ribbons are not recyclable and can cause havoc as they wrap around machinery throughout the recycling center (same with Christmas lights). Always remove bows and ribbons and try to reuse them! Your bank account and the environment will both benefit!

4. When in doubt throw it out

One of the biggest problems that the recycling center faces is contamination. If you are not sure if something is recyclable or not you can contact us at or throw it out. The more trash that ends up in your recycling not only hurts the processing time but it can also contaminate a lot of items that are actually able to be recycled.

Have a great Holiday Season!

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