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Garbage Dumpster


Long, long ago, in 1973, my father, Tom Duncan was looking to start his own business.  He had recently completed his undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering and his graduate studies in Engineering Management at the University of Missouri at Rolla.  Following 3 years of holding management positions at the General Electric Company, he decided to start a business of his own. While working in North Carolina at one of GE’s lighting plants, he was talking his desire over with his brother in-law, Vern, who was established in the garbage business in Tom’s home town of South Lyon.  By the end of the conversation, Tom had bought a portion of Vern’s routes in Plymouth Township.  Whether he realized it or not, Tom was not going to be a GE Manager, future corporate executive, he was now a garbage man. He just had to find a way to break the news to my mom! After starting with a 1968 used City of Ann Arbor truck he bought at an auction, Tom and his family were now and forever garbagemen!

Growing up a son of a garbageman brought many unique experiences like getting picked up from preschool in a garbage truck every Thursday, riding in the back of a trailer during a parade and popping out of a garbage cart to throw out candy (back in the good ol' days when that was still allowed)! I also remember getting in trouble a lot for looking through the back of the trucks for toys. Needless to say I was born and raised to be a garbageman!

In 2002, while completing my degree at Rochester College, I joined the family business. Starting off greasing trucks and loading trash on the back of the trucks I learned the waste business from every vantage point. Over the next 15 years my dad, my brother Scott and I built our business to over 50 trucks and 60,000 customers. Growing and managing the business through those years expanded both my experience and skill set as I always strived to learn from the great people I worked with. Even at our companies apex I would never hesitate to jump back into a truck and help collect if needed. Due to a consolidating market and a desire to spend more time with our young families, in 2016 we decided to sell our business. Over the last 5 years I have been able to spend time with my wife (Kymber) and 4 children (Reagan 14, Kennedy 11, Pierce 9, and Coolidge 8) teaching lessons and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Our family is now looking to build a high quality business that makes a positive impact in the community; which eventually can be transitioned to the next generation. The Duncan family can be counted on to be your provider for years to come. 

The waste industry is not always easy but with a great family and great team Duncan Disposal has proved for decades that we are more than capable of providing the outstanding service you deserve!

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